Oneida Pathways Academy

Pathways Academy

Welcome to the Oneida Pathways Academy!  The Academy offers a web-based curriculum that serves as credit recovery, dual enrollment, and/or an alternative setting.  A multitude of classes are offered in grades 6-12 to facilitate student success at Oneida.  The Academy is self-paced with classroom instruction that allows learners to work at a pace that allows them to be successful.  Our mission is to allow students to be successful and to be on track to graduate with a diploma.  Along with class work, we have been fortunate to do several projects around school such as landscaping, creating rock gardens, and working with various classrooms on items that would be used in the rooms.

The Oneida Pathways Academy is different than a regular classroom in that everyone will be on a different pace and more than likely on different subjects.  Each student will essentially have their own individual education plan that will be followed which will allow them to achieve success.  Students and parents need to understand that because of the individualized flow of the program it does not follow pacing norms.  The environment will be organized and positive. Staff and students alike are always expected to remain respectful while following the rules and guidelines of OSSD.

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Oneida Special School District has partnered with Edgenuity as our source for curriculum and instruction for the Oneida Pathways Academy. Edgenuity is a leading provider of K-12 online learning solutions, partnering with schools and districts throughout the country to provide the tools and support they need to leverage technology to improve student outcomes. For more information about Edgenuity, please click here.

Ms. Stacy Love | 9-12
Mrs. Kelly Posey-Chitwood | 6-8

Pathways Academy Coordinator:
Mr. Heath Sexton

Guidance Counselors:
Melissa Cruz | 9-12
----- | 6-8

Alternative Education

Alternative Education