Family Resource

Kelly Posey-Chitwood  photo

Kelly Posey-Chitwood, Ed.S.

Family Resource Director

   The Family Resource Center has several services to offer the parents/guardians/students in our school district.  For information about the following services OR to set up an appointment, please call (423) 569-3303.

Cooperative Parenting Classes are free classes that are offered for parents who are divorcing and are seeking ways to build a healthy home environment for their children.

Active Parenting Courses are for parents who are seeking parenting skills that reinforce positive behaviors and promote healthy physical, mental, and emotional child development.


Free School Back Packs and School Supplies.

Food Pantry for families in need.

Hygiene Items for families in need.

Clothing and shoes for students in need.

Human Resources are provided through the Family Resource Center by the Oneida Special School District Social Worker, Madison Crowley, BSSW.   Mrs. Crowley is a School Social Worker​/District Child Abuse Coordinator and you may email her OR call 223-2497.

School Based Behavioral Health Wellness is offered inside the schools by Pam Thompson, LPC, MHSP.  Call 663-9200 to sign up for this service OR email Ms. Thompson OR you may call 569-3303 to inquire about these services.