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Virtual Education Program (VEP)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to be better prepared for future long-term school closures, the Oneida Special School District will implement a Virtual Education Program (VEP) for the 2020-21 academic year. This program will be available for students who may have underlying health issues, who have relatives in the home that may be adversely affected by COVID-19, or other legitimate concerns.  
Information in the district/school plans is subject to change depending on local/state/federal guidance/regulations. 
Important Considerations for VEP Students
  • Google Classroom will be the online platform that will host the majority of lessons/activities. Programs such as Edgenuity, Learning Farm, Math XL, etc. will be used as supplemental instructional programs. 
  • Students will be expected to be online/active & complete a full school day's worth of lessons, activities, and assignments each day. This will consist of videos, Zoom conferences, and online assignments. All of these must be completed during school hours and according to the schedule assigned by each school. (PreK-K: 4.5 hours/day) (1-12: 7 hours/day) 
  • Students may be required to take mid-term, final, and state tests on campus at designated times. 
  • Attendance will be based on activity completion and participation in Zoom conferences and discussion boards. Students who do not follow the assignment/conference schedule will be counted absent and their grades could be affected.
  • Students who fail to abide by the VEP agreement, will be provided supports and required to attend on-campus tutoring/remediation sessions after school hours. Students who fail to abide by the VEP agreement and also fail to utilize district supports, will be required to attend classes in-person.  
  • Communication will be done through Google Classroom. There is an app available on iPhone & Android for easy access. Students will be assigned a district email account which must be used to access Google Classroom. 
  • Teachers/staff will have designated office hours each school day that they can be contacted for assistance. Teachers/staff will only be available during school hours. 
NOTE: One question that has been asked is "What if my child begins the year attending school in-person, but something happens and my child needs to switch to virtual?" Situations such as this will be handled on an individual basis and the schools will work with parents to ensure that the needs of the student/family are addressed.

Students who begin the year in the virtual program, will be required to finish the term (according to each school's program requirements) before being eligible to return to school in-person. 
Google Classroom  & Zoom Resources
Reopening Information:
VEP Counselor | Brenda Smith
Technology | Lori Marcum
[email protected]
Technology | Logan Strunk
Technology | Josh Hinson

Family Resource Center
 | Melinda McCartt
District Math Coordinator | Amanda Terry
[email protected]
District Literacy Coordinator | Denise May
Food Services Director | Cathy Buttram 
[email protected]
The Tennessee Department of Education has released the Best for All Central website that has virtual lessons for all grades in ELA, science, and math. This is a great FREE resource!