Professional Development for Teachers & Staff

Teachers in the OSSD are required to obtain a minimum of 30 hours of professional development training each school year. This training is focused on improving instructional practices, improving student achievement, and other areas. The district provides five days of planned training for all teachers in July, prior to the beginning of the school year. Teachers also attend state/federal conferences throughout the year and complete online learning modules that address topics required by state/federal regulations. 
Topics covered during the district's July 2019 PD Seminar included: 
  • ACT: Beginning With the End in Mind - Curriculum Alignment
  • Spark Innovations: STEM Labs
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Classroom Management
  • Classroom Technology
  • Motivating Students
  • Results-Oriented Teaching
  • Better Tests & Homework
  • WIDA & ESL
Teachers and administrators also attend state and federal conferences throughout the year. Some of these are: 
  • Partners in Education (PIE) Conference 
  • East Tennessee Federal Conference
  • TOSS Sponsored Events
  • Career & Technical Education Seminars
  • Cognia/AdvancEd Events
  • LEAD Conference
mbcOnline modules are completed on the My Benefits Channel system. These courses address topics required by Tennessee and Federal regulations. All district staff are required to complete these courses each year. Topics include: 
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Youth Suicide Prevention
  • Teacher Code of Ethics
  • Bullying & Harassment Prevention
  • Sexual Harassment 
2019-2020 PD Accountability Form (Teachers)
2020-2021 PD Accountability Form (Teachers)
2020-2021 PD Accountability Form (Support Staff)

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Chief Academic Officer:
Mr. Zacch Brown
Professional Development Leadership Committee:
Mrs. Crystal Jones
Mrs. Carilyn West
Mrs. Melinda McCartt
Mrs. Rhonda Davis
Mr. Kevin Terry
Mrs. Amber Baird
2020-2021 PD Dates:
July 22: Substitute Teacher Academy
July 23-24: Support Staff Seminar
July 27-31: Teacher Seminar
August 3: Administrative Day
August 5: Administrative Day
January 4: Administrative Day