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State Championship Team of "94" gets Honored
Oneida High School
Posted On: Monday, January 13, 2014

On January 4, 2014 the girls state championship team of 1994 was reunited and honored. Before the girls game there was a reception in the library with food, old film, and many plaques and awards they had collected. They where given t-shirts and recognition in betweeen the girls and boys game. Among those players were: Brynae Laxton, Brandon Boyatt, Jamie Payne, Stacie Love, Dara Smith, Leslie Sexton, Dee Butler, Denise King, Jessi Seals, and Ginger West. The girls where coached by Rick Harper and Assisted by Sandy Martain. For this group of women, basketball was everything and they where going to make their mark. They set out to win a state championship and that's exactly what they did. Today, most of them are very succesful or are residents here in Scott County. Brynae Laxton who was and is a very good ball player went on to play for the Lady Vols after high school, where she won several national championships. She is one of the many talented ball players to come from Oneida high School. It was a great night to be a Lady Indian as the girls beat Cumberland Gap 56 to 59. 


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