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Oneida Ranked #1
Oneida Elementary School
Posted On: Monday, June 13, 2016

Oneida Reading Initiative ends the 2015-2016 school year ranked #1 among all other Elgin Initiative School Districts.  Eight school districts throughout Kentucky and Virginia particpate in the Elgin Academic Initiative.  Oneida finished #1 this year with 72% of students in grades Kindergarten -3rd reading above grade level on a nationally normed reading exam.  This is the fourth year for the initiative and all teachers, administrators, and support staff participate in the program.  It is a team approach to the teaching of reading, and it takes each member for the inititative to be a success.  Congratulations to all the teachers, staff, and students who work hard each and every day to improve the reading success at Oneida Elementary School.  Reading is the key to the future success of our students and is the key to unlocking their future dreams. Keep up the great work!  ~Mrs. Denise May

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