Document Uploads

Folder Rights of Parents and Students (1 Files)
pdf file Rights of Parents and Students
Folder Federal Guidelines for Parents (1 Files)
pdf file Federal Guidelines for Parents.pdf
Folder Parent Right to Know (1 Files)
pdf file Right to Know for Parents
Folder District Testing Information (2 Files)
doc file District Testing Information
pdf file OSSD Testing Schedule 2017-18
Folder Parent Involvement Policies (7 Files)
doc file OES Parent Compact
doc file OES Parent Involvement Plan
doc file OHS Parent Compact
pdf file OHS Parent Involvement Plan
doc file OMS Parent Compact
pdf file OMS Parent Involvement Plan
pdf file OSSD Parent Involvement Plan
Folder School Handbooks for Students (3 Files)
pdf file OES Handbook
pdf file OHS Handbook
pdf file OMS Handbook
Folder Students Experiencing Homelessness (3 Files)
doc file OSSD Homeless Liaison
doc file OSSD Homeless Student Information
pdf file OSSD Homeless Students Policy
Folder Students in Foster Care (2 Files)
doc file OSSD Foster Care Liaison
pdf file OSSD Foster Care Policy
Folder Incoming Freshman Information (1 Files)
pdf file High School Transition Policy
Folder Registration Forms (2 Files)
doc file Affidavit of Residency
doc file Registration Forms
Folder Parent & Student Surveys (3 Files)
pdf file Elementary 3-5 Student Survey
pdf file Grades 3-12 Parent Survey
pdf file Middle/High School 6-12 Student Survey
Folder Director's Newsletters (4 Files)
pdf file August 2017 Newsletter
pdf file November 2017
pdf file October_2017_Parent_Newsletter.pdf
pdf file September 2017 Newsletter
Folder Safe Schools Information (2 Files)
pdf file OSSD Bullying Policy
pdf file OSSD Student Code of Conduct